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A good story can change the world

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Over the course of a 30-year career in media -- as an employee, consultant, freelance journalist and entrepreneur -- I have gained an expertise in multi-media production at every level, including the creative development, launch and management of publication titles, corporate media brands, digital properties, as well as the production of dozens of articles and film and television projects.

Having started and managed my own companies, I have extensive experience in business strategy, personnel management and sales and marketing. This has included developing clients and managing budgets worth millions of dollars annually.

Though the core of my experience is in entrepreneurial media ventures, much of my experience is also based in creating web, TV, and print-based communications for non-profits, corporate CSR campaigns and conservation and humanitarian-orientated organisations looking to increase stakeholder involvement through custom-built communication channels and creative content marketing.

For most of my professional life, I have advocated for issues in which I believe. Through this experience I have developed a keen sense of how to develop vision, mission and 'life strategy'. I have come to learn what great thought leadership looks like and how this tool can be used to drive positive change in the world.

What I have learned, I have gained through hands-on life and business experience. It is now my passion to mentor others on how to fascinate the world through experiential and human-driven narratives; how this fascination, in turn, can be the center point around which positive change can occur.

Send a message below and let's make it happen.

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