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In 2019, RPFX Media took on a hugely exciting project with a Nairobi start-up,, out to disrupt local trade by introducing organic food distribution to informal neighborhood kiosks (dukas) utilizing 'people and planet' best practices, including sustainable centralization and online pre-ordering. Uniquely, this group included a savings and invest, member-owned Trust program, as well as its commercial facing retail brand. Our job was to build from the ground up all brands, marketing plans and content associated with the enterprise for its launch in November 2019. This initially involved a three month strategic planning ramp that established brand values, vision, mission and narratives. Tactical implementation of the brand strategy included  brand identity design, all product and packaging designs, the development of a blog and all associated content, one-minute Instagram videos, all other social media marketing requirements, and flyers, posters, and merchandise associated with on the ground marketing efforts. See gallery above. Moreover, the project included the re-launch of local urban media platform, Ubuntu Press Africa and compendium social platforms, UP Africa. 

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