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Kenya Concierge is a brand we developed at Mondeas Media for the luxury travel market in East Africa, 2009--2014. The magazine, website and social media channels acted as a guide to upmarket food, travel and leisure experiences across East Africa and provided brands a way to access the local high-end and tourism marketplaces. The magazine and its digital platforms reached over 10,000 readers a month and was the center point of quarterly events directed to this industry and its consumers. This pilot video was developed to promote the overall platform and to sell the overall luxury experience through hotels across Nairobi and Kenya and to sell the Concierge, "VIP" brand throughout the region. Rand Pearson served as its Editorial and Creative Director overseeing up to 15 staff members. Additionally, he assisted the Commercial Director in building revenues and managing the marketing and PR activities of the brand. As a creative contributor, he photographed and wrote several articles and designed covers and feature spreads—from concept to layout.

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